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Choosing the Right Wallpaper


It's easy to see how hanging wallpaper adds to the appeal of any room, but the more challenging part is choosing which wallpaper to use - the options are almost endless!   Without a doubt, an experienced installer can help you decide on a certain wallpaper type that will work best for your needs. 


Standard wallpaper is usually colorfast, meaning it's not going to fade when it is exposed to the sun's rays. Fortunately, this can be said of nearly all wallpapers nowadays.  Standard wallpaper is cheap, but you have to be very careful when positioning it on the wall. Most homeowners would rather hire a professional though.


Vinyl-coated wallpaper may be sponged off using a soap and water solution, and the solid sheet vinyl type is just perfect for kitchens.  Made of vinyl bound to a cloth or paper backing, this type is the most stain-resistant and durable, not to mention the easiest to hang, clean and remove.


If you're working with a small room with little or no natural light, Mylars and foil wall coverings will be just great. But as these types tend to highlight imperfections, you should never hang them unless the surface has been perfectly prepped. 


Highly textured wallpaper with laminated paper backings can be purchased in grass cloth, hemp and other weaves, but they can be both pricey and difficult to install. They can hide wall imperfections excellently though. 


Another expensive type of wallpaper is flocked paper, which comes with raised and velvety designs.  It can perfectly hide small surface imperfections, but it tends to be very expensive and needs professional wallpaper installation Sydney wallpaper hangers Sydney wallpaper sydney


Unpasted wallpaper, which requires paste during the hanging process, is another type you can consider. Prepasted though is a lot more common. If you pick dry-strippable wallpaper, it will completely peel off when you want it to. Peelable paper can also be peeled off, but the backing stays on the wall so you can hang other patterns on it. 


Of course, the main factor when selecting wallpaper is to pick a pattern you like, but you have to consider how the designs can affect your room. Horizontal patterns, for example, can visually widen the space and lower the ceiling, while vertical stripes create the opposite effect. Big patterns or dark colors can be overpowering, making a room feel smaller, while a lighter color or a more airy design does just the reverse. Check out this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_1662_hang-wallpaper.html and know more about wallpapers.


At the end of the day, you just want walls perfectly done with the right wallpaper material and design, and the right installer. There are many professional wallpaper installer Sydney wallpaper installers Sydney services today, so finding one shouldn't be a problem. But always remember that not all of these services are created equal, so you have to do your homework to know which one is best for you.